• Hoist Sling Diagram

    The attached file will show you the dimensions recommended for a sling that can be used to hoist the boat. HOIST DETAIL

  • C15 Visual Guide – USA3776

    This document below was prepared by Barrett and Randy Sprout – multiple North American Champions – to show the rig for USA 3776. Pictures with comments will go a long way to explain how to rig the boat. Look no further for ideas (good ones at that!) USA 3776

  • Jibing Centerboard

    Article on setting up a jibing center board and includes also the article from Mark Eliott about tight rigging and stern sheeting BERE_JIBING_BOARD

  • Deck Layout Blueprints
  • Vang Rigging Instructions

    A cascading 16:1 vang for the Coronado 15 This guide is written with the assumption that you are replacing an existing (underpowered) vang on your Coronado 15. Any particular part may be different for your application but shouldn’t be too far off base. It’s your boat, so it’s your responsibility to make sure things work […]

  • Mod and Maintenance Questions

      By Richard Dickerson on Friday, May 8, 1998 – 10:51 am: I have an older C-15 with the center sheeting arrangement with traveler. Is it worth my time and money to convert this rig to a stern sheeting arrangement? I am also interested in buying used C-15 sails as my sails are quite worn. […]