About C15

  • About the C15 – Principal Specifications

    15′-4″ Length Overall 5′-8″ Beam 385 lbs. Weight 123 sq. ft Sail Area-Day Sails 139 sq ft. Sail Area–Performance Sails The Coronado 15 has become a classic American one design. Launched in the late sixties, the Coronado 15 quickly drew the attention of racing skippers nationwide.  The Coronado 15 National One Design Association was soon […]

  • Why A Coronado 15

    By Charles Quest: The landscape of one design sailboats is rich with variety. The C15 stands out with its unique balance of virtues. They are: Affordable. Because of the low cost to buy and operate, the class is open to wide participation. More is better! Available. With almost four thousand boats built over the last […]

  • Capsizing is Fun!

    by Steve and Jan Cornwell #2489 – Boulder, CO cornwell@indra.com After sailing in a C-15 for several seasons and being terrified of “going over”, we decided to PRACTICE capsizing! What a novel idea. It made all the difference in the world in our attitude toward capsizing and also in our ability to both avoid capsizes […]