About the C15 – Principal Specifications

15′-4″ Length Overall

5′-8″ Beam

385 lbs. Weight

123 sq. ft Sail Area-Day Sails

139 sq ft. Sail Area–Performance Sails

The Coronado 15 has become a classic American one design. Launched in the late sixties, the Coronado 15 quickly drew the attention of racing skippers nationwide.  The Coronado 15 National One Design Association was soon established and grew to become the active, enthusiastic organization it is today.

The Same qualities that attracted some of the country’s most prominent racing skippers to the C-15 also appealed to sailors who enjoy daysailing a high performance boat, and encouraged many to experience the fun of racing for the first time.

Refinements that can make a good boat outstanding takes years of development and experimentation. The Coronado 15’s all new deck for the 90’s incorporates refinements born of the experience of some of the nations top racing skippers. Improved function combined with contemporary styling and quality hardware assure the Coronado 15’s future as a favorite of collegiate sailing programs and one design sailors.

Today’s Coronado 15 is available completely set up for racing with the optional “Performance Package” or as a well equipped daysailor in standard form. The rig, hull, and deck configuration are the same in both models, allowing beginners to start out in a boat equipped for daysailing and add hardware when desired or the racing bug bites. Two sizes of sails are available for daysailing or maximum performance when racing.

The Coronado 15 is designed so new sailors can enjoy sailing and learning and add sail area and equipment as skill levels improve.