• Ullman Sails Tuning guide

    Tuning tips for the C15 Tuning_tips_for_the_c-15

  • Trimming Summary

    UPWIND LIGHT AIR MEDIUM AIR HEAVY AIR Main Aft top batten parallel. Tell 75% flow. Aft top parallel. Leech tell flow 25% Keep tell flowing. Trim main to keep flat Jib Out 1-2 from normal. Trim hard Trim hard Vang Release Take slack out. Tighten with wind increase Until overbend wrinkles Outhaul Out, hint of […]

  • North Sails Tuning Guide

    Proper boat speed depends mostly on constant and consistent adjustments to your rig and sails. The following measurements are those that we have found to be the fastest settings for your new North sails. We have brushed and tested different tuning settings to be sure that we have the fastest and easiest measurements available. If […]

  • Mark Eliott’s Tuning Guide

    BEFORE WE BEGIN Assume for the purpose of this tuning guide that you have a copy of the C-15 class rules. This guide is divided into tuning and sailing sections. If you are not interested on working on your boat at all just turn to the sailing section. Following is a quote by John Kostecki […]

  • Questions (and answers) about how to sail C-15s fast and safe

    Questions (and answers) about how to sail C-15s fast and safe Coronado 15 Forum: Questions (and answers) about how to sail C-15s fast and safe By John Payne on Saturday, April 25, 1998 – 07:48 pm: How do you jibe a C-15 in heavy air without capsizing By Marisa McCoy on Wednesday, April 29, 1998 […]

  • An Incremental Improvement (Trapeze)

    …/… I have been crewing on a C15 for some years now and I believe that I have come up with a rigging tip that has helped me quite a bit. It could be valuable to other trapeze hands… ANDERSON_TRAPEZE_TIP

  • Rig tension: Tght or Loose?

    Mainsheet reprint DODSON_RIG_TIGHT_OR_LOOSE

  • A case for tight rigging and stern sheeting – Rebuttle to Wes Prisbrey’s article

    This attached article from Mainsheet also includes the article on jibing centerboard BERE_JIBING_BOARD

  • Tips and Pre Race Strategy

    How to fix my broken Windex … with ABS glue How to avoid wrapping the split main sheet around the transom Saran wrap on the boat? Pre race strategy ANDERSON_PRE_RACE_TIPS

  • Mast Rake and Shroud tension

    Mainsheet reprint LINSKEY_MAST_RAKE