Thrills, Chills, And Spills! 2012 Londerville Cup, Saturday, Feb. 11

By Kent and Bonnie Arndt

A few days before this year’s Londerville Cup Regatta, Kelly Pike began to send out daily emails to the HalfMoon Bay Yacht Club Sailing Committee and Keel Boat Sponsors with the latest weather predictions for race day. The final report on Friday read: Wind speed prediction for Saturday is back up slightly to NW 11-15mph and warmer (51-54F). Friday will be light and possible showers. The front passing through Friday night accompanied by a few lingering showers and NW winds. Game on sailors! His forecast turned out to be spot-on. A fantastic day of thrills, chills, and (for some) spills was in store! Thrills.

Gemma McCluney, age 9, wet-suited up early to crew for her dad Richard aboard their C15, and got a wild ride she will not soon forget as the winds gusted across the harbor. Another young new club member, John Sorfleet, teamed up with John Powell on his C15 to brave the challenging conditions and sail in the races. Three intrepid and skilled Laser sailors came from out-of-town to make up the Laser fleet. The remaining Cal 20 and C15 fleets this year were all HMBYC boats. Overall the boats were sailed quite well, with great determination by skippers and crews to win. Many races in all fleets came down to just inches separating the competitors at the finish line! The game was on indeed! Chills. Everyone who participated in the regatta got wet. Some went swimming after capsizing. They got “salty” wet. Everyone else got “fresh water” wet from the passing rains that created a mist over the water making it difficult at times to see the next buoy on the course. Even though you were sure to get cold and wet, everyone had fun. After all, isn’t that what winter sailing is all about? Spills. Lucy and Hunter Gillies ended up breaking both port and starboard shrouds on their C15 on their way out to the start line! It’s a wonder the mast did not break in two pieces. Lucy went back out sailing in Richard McCluney’s boat after the lunch break. Ofer and Howard capsized their C15 and then turtled the boat. After that they got their mast stuck in the muddy bottom of the Pillar Point Harbor. Fortunately a stand-up-paddle boarder in the area stopped by and helped them get their boat upright and sailing, and they returned to the club tired, cold, and very wet. Someone else saw them with the boat upside-down and radioed the Coast Guard. The USCG in turn contacted the 911 dispatch and sent the Police and an Ambulance to the club to attend to the “victims”! What’s the big deal? We’re OK! And so the memories and stories of the day’s events will live long and strong. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Regatta Results: (7 boats, 4 races sailed, 1 throw-out) 1st : Kent Arndt/Bernie Forde, 3 pts. 2nd: Charlie Quest/Andrew Quest, 5 pts. 3rd: Rick Winans/Ron Karp, 11 pts. 4th: John Powell/Jon Sorfleet, 12 pts. 5th: Richard McCluney/Gemma McCluney, 14 pts. 6th : Lucy Gillies/Hunter Gillies, 24 pts. 7th: Ofer Amir/Howard Weis, 24 pts.

Richmond Yacht Club – Small Boat Midwinters Races 2012

By Kent & Bonnie Arndt

Six Coronado 15s participated in the Small Boat Midwinter Racing Series hosted by the Richmond Yacht Club, located in Richmond, CA. The Half Moon Bay Yacht Club had four skippers in attendance (Patrick Melley, Charlie Quest, Lucy Gillies, and Adam Quest), and the balance of the fleet was represented by Connor Vance from the Lake Washington Sailing Club (Sacramento, CA) and Seamus Vanecko from the Cal Berkley Sailing Club. The C15 fleet raced in the February and March regattas, and managed to complete a total of 5 races. This year’s midwinter racing in the San Francisco Bay area has been plagued by light winds, forcing some local SF Bay Area Yacht Clubs to cancel their races. February’s pair of races were held in very light winds, while the three races completed in the March regatta benefited from a mid-day breeze that built to about 10 knots by the afternoon. This regatta series has become very popular with small boat racers from all over California and Nevada. This year there were a grand total of 309 boats entered including Opti’s, Lasers, El Toros, 29ers, 505s, Snipes, Bytes, Daysailors, Thistles, various multi-hulls, Ultimate 20s, Wylie Wabbits, and so on. Three separate racing areas were used simultaneously to accommodate all of these fleets. This group of C15 racers was very impressed with the warm hospitality shown by the Richmond Yacht Club, and the well organized racing out on the water. Plans are already in the works to have an even bigger turn-out of local C15s for next years RYC midwinter series which begins the first Sunday in December, 2012. For more race info and complete results go to Hope to see you there in December! Congratulations to skipper Patrick Melley from HMBYC for winning the C15 fleet midwinter series in style with 5 “bullets” (all “firsts” in each race). Race results: 1st – Patrick Melley, 2nd – Lucy Gillies, 3rd – Charlie Quest, 4th – Adam Quest, 5th – Connor Vance, 6th – Seamus Vanecko

2012 MidWinters at ABYC

The midwinters took place under clear skies, light breeze and mild temperatures. At the last minute we were able to find a crew (Jessica) for Karyn, who made it to the start lin about 40 seconds before the gun of the first race: way to go!

There were 5 boats that made it – all from fleet 2 in Marina del Rey.

Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName Club
1st 3744 Vincent Paternoster Jim Ach South Coast Corinthian YC
2nd 3067 John Richardson Vadim Mantelzak SBYRC
3rd 3700 Nick sampson Noah Farrell South Coast Corinthian YC
4th 2579 Christopher Hill Nathan Large CSULB Sailing Association
5th 3658 Karyn Jones Jessica South Coast Corinthian YC


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Excitment before SuperBowl

This winter started like summer in Southern California. I should say – even better than summer as the temperatures are mild and we have no overcast.

Aside from the first regatta in January (Champagne Series) which started in 30kts wind – the racing was canceled but just about everyone got a chance to swim, even Barrett Sprout – we have been very lucky to encounter perfect weather coupled with light winds and beautiful sunsets.

The real first meet this year was the Super Bowl regatta organized by the Santa Monica Windjammers YC as a charity event for the benefit of the Wellness Community a cancer patient support organization. We had 9 boats present – teh same number of participants as our 2011 North American Championship in Halfmoon Bay, CA! It was hard to believe.

Scott Tobin who had been absent from racing last year due to an injury was on the water with wife Becky. John Richardson with tactician Mark Brazil worked hard and sailed fast but lost the tie with Scott who had a bullet.

Vincent placed third tied with Wil Paul. But most remarkable was the effort put forth by the new boats that are now competing. Three new boats are now in the Marina del Rey waters including sail no. 3700 – the 2011 champ boat.

We are very excited indeed by the great showing for this first big event of the year. The small boat program at SMWYC has been energized and we will be working together to bring a second boat from that club in the fleet.

What a way to kick off the year! For results see SMWYC superbowl results page (Broken link 🙁 )