NOR for NAC 2018 – July 12-15 Huntington Lake, CA

The NOR for next year’s edition of the NAC where we return, after a long absence, to Huntington Lake CA. It is linked here: 2018 C15 NAC NOR V1

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This event promises to be an epic event over 4 days, the last 2 coupled with the High Sierra Regatta. For any question, you should contact:
David Rumbaugh <>

Note: While this is almost a year away, consider the limit on the maximum number of boats on the lake for that weekend and you do not wish to be the boat whose entry into the High Sierra is refused for going over the limit.
Since the lake was closed for a few years due to drought, it has been a sought after venue now that it is back to its legendary conditions.
From prior experience, it is a good idea to book a condo early.

For more about racing this event read about it here

I will post some old pics of Huntington sailing in this web site to wet your appetite. Mark your calendars!

NAC 2017 returns to Half Moon Bay August 11-13

50 Years of Sailing and Racing Fun
2017 is the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Coronado 15 dinghy.  50 years ago hull #1 was launched and as a testament to the longevity of this class of sailing boat, #1 is still with us and will be racing in the 2017 Coronado 15 NAC.  Charlie Quest, Half Moon Bay Yacht Club’s Fleet 15 captain, rescued #1 in 2013, restored her, and surprised everyone by racing her in the 2014 C15 NAC, and also 2015 and 2016.

 The Half Moon Bay Yacht Club (HMBYC) is hosting the Coronado 15 North American Championship Regatta this year, and for many months now the C15 NAC Regatta Committee has been working hard to make this year’s championship a big success – August 11-13. For more information, follow the link to the event page on the calendar.

I have great memories of past regattas in HMB. Sailing inside the harbor offers plenty of opportunities for strategic decisions on whether to go left or right, close to the pier or close to the break water.

The photo below was taken by a reporter covering the NAC in 2011. My crew Vadim Mantelzak, riding “side-car” style intensely focused on the weather mark!Do not miss the opportunity to sharpen your skills by attending one of 2 pre-NAC regattas

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Message from your association Commodore John Eurich:
But, to do this, we need your input.  Whether you’re planning on attending this NAC or not, please fill out the attached Participation Survey and return it to:


Postal Service: HMBYC (C15 NAC Regatta Committee)
       P.O. Box 52
El Granada, CA 94018  
It is best to use a recent version of Adobe Reader to fill out the form (…_form.pdf) version of the survey.  The non-form version is provided for those that don’t have access to a recent Adobe Reader version.

For more information about the 2017 C15 NAC click this link
For information about the Coronado 15 class rule click here.
For more information follow these links:

Please pass this survey on to other Coronado 15 sailors.

 Thanks for your support,

 John Eurich
2016-2017 Coronado 15 Association Commodore


Pre-NAC 2017 Regattas in Half-Moon Bay

In preparation for the 2017 NAC, the HMBYC has scheduled two 2-day regattas: Commodore’s Cup (May 13-14) and Purissima Cup (Jul 8-9).  Both these regattas will be using the same rules and Racing Committee (RC) that will be used at the 2017 C15 NAC.  Thus, these events will give the participants and the RC a chance to practice in the same environment as the NAC.

Please, let your fellow C15 racers know about these regattas and that they are welcome to join us at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.

We’d really appreciate it if those that will be participating in the Commodore’s Cup, let us know ASAP.  It turns out that Sunday, May 14th is Mother’s Day, thus we’re concerned, because of this, that we won’t get any out-of-town participants.  Give us feedback by emailing us at