C-15 racing in 2024

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I wanted to check in with some updates…  here’s the schedule we know about for C-15 racing in 2024:

2/3SMWYCMarina Del ReySuper Bowl Charity Regatta
3/16SCCYCMarina Del ReyShallow Water #1 Ice Breaker
3/23HMBYCHalf Moon BayLonderville Regatta
4/27HMBYCHalf Moon BayCommodore’s Regatta
5/2 – 8/29SCCYCMarina Del ReyThu night Sunstroke Series
5/11LWSCLake Washington, SacramentoOne Design Regatta #1
5/25-26ABYCAlamitos BayMemorial Day / Stan Miller
6/15SCCYCMarina Del ReyShallow Water #2 Getting Dinghy
6/16WYCWestlake VillageWestlake Cup
6/22HMBYCHalf Moon BayRear Commodore’s Regatta
6/22LWSCLake Washington, SacramentoOne Design Regatta #2
7/20HMBYCHalf Moon BayTake the Tiller Regatta (Women)
7/20-21Fresno YCHuntington LakeHigh Sierra Regatta – Jim Holder Cup
8/3LWSCLake Washington, SacramentoDelta Dinghy Ditch Regatta
8/9-11SBYCSanta BarbaraC-15 Nationals
8/17HMBYCHalf Moon BayVice Commodore’s Regatta
8/18SCCYCMarina Del ReyOutlook Trophy (outside)
8/24LWSCLake Washington, SacramentoOne Design Regatta #3
9/7SCCYCMarina Del ReyMDR Dinghy Fleet Championship
9/21LWSWLake Washington, SacramentoOne Design Regatta #4
10/5SCCYCMarina Del ReyShallow Water #3
10/26HMBYCHalf Moon BayPumpkin Regatta
10/26LWSCLake Washington, SacramentoOctoberfest Regatta (replaces Turkey Shoot)
11/2SCCYCMarina Del ReyShallow Water #4 Last Light
11/2HMBYCHalf Moon BayDie Hard Regatta

Please let me know if I missed anything, or if you have corrections.

I apologize to the Beaux Arts Washington Fleet actually don’t know who to contact to get your schedule.  If anyone knows a good contact there, please let me know (ole.eichhorn@gmail.com).

Above I have highlighted the High Sierra Regatta as well as the Nationals.  It would be great to have a nice fleet there, such a great place to sail.  (And this year we don’t have the conflict with the Transpac.)  The Class have decided to deed a new perpetual trophy in honor of Jim Holder to the winner of the C-15 Class at the High Sierra Regatta each year.  High time we did this, we’ve been racing there for 50 years now!  Jim was actually there for the first one and is still sailing, so Wow.

I would love to get as much history as I can so we can engrave the trophy with previous winner’s names.  If you won (!) or know who did, or have any records or suggestions on how to find old winners, please let me know. 

You may have heard, the Santa Barbara YC was again battered by a winter storm at year-end, as it was last year.  Fortunately there was less ongoing damage and the club is fine, no impact on the Nationals this summer.  Nothing new to report but will keep you posted.

If there is interest I’d be happy to try to work a deal with Ullman Sails for a fleet discount again.  Let me know if you would like to do this.  Or we could approach North Sails but being bigger they might not be as amenable.

Finally want to note again, the class does have some money set aside for promotion.  What should we do with it?  Super Bowl ad?

Cheers and thanks, and see you on the water!